Happy customers

“This is the best course I have been on in years, it’s made me really think about my life, why I do what I do and how I can achieve my goals and dreams.”
– Delegate, Barclays Leadership Course
“Coaching allows me to understand who I am and how I relate to other people it changes my perspectives and allows me to learn how to guide my team. I can talk about the business and the people in the business – it’s insightful and helps me work with them to achieve increased results.”
– BMW Dealer Principal
“Why do I want Mary to work with us? Well I admire her enthusiasm and energy as well as her honesty, but most of all I can see the difference she makes to all our staff who attend her courses and how that add value to our organisation.”
– Organisational Development Manager, Medway Council
“I have been working with Mary for six months benefiting from her Life Coaching skills. As a result of the coaching I have a clear direction on the path I am going to follow and the approach that will get me to my goals and dreams. Thank you Mary.”
– Senior Manager, Nestlé Waters
“Mary has and continues to develop AAM in ways we never thought of... Truly an inspiration to our employees and a guiding light to the board. If you need an objective view and to get the team to focus... look no further.”
– Matthew Dabbs, CEO, AAM Advisory

“Working with Mary is always a positive, uplifting and motivating experience. Our sessions prompt me to become more confident day to day, using various valuable techniques, helping me to focus and enhance my own abilities. This allows me to push myself to that next step in my working / personal life. Thanks Mary, as always, it's a joy to work with you”
- Kris Cooper, Head of Business Processes and Reporting


“I have enjoyed working with Mary and have found her coaching engaging, professional and extremely practical”
-  Luke Fehnert, Senior Financial Planner


“I've found each of our sessions to be unique and really refreshing as for me they have been a chance to stop for a mental breather, actually take stock of where I'm at and see the bigger picture both professionally and personally. It's almost like pressing pause on a video of your life for a few minutes, being able to fast forward and rewind, observe what's working and what's not and take action once you press play again!”
- Senior Financial Planner


“I have thoroughly enjoyed having Mary as my Coach, she is approachable and supremely gifted in getting you to open up and discuss with her any aspect of your professional or personal life that you feel could be improved.”
- Rebecca Reagan, Senior Vice President, Wealth Advisory & Protection


“Working with Mary is a complete pleasure and hugely valuable. I've always been successful in what I do, yet since working with Mary, I have seen a 40% increase in my business. Amongst one of the key ways this happens is that she is able to help you pin point areas where you maybe limiting your business, perhaps without realising. I would describe the process as a 'mind flush' where you can identify and remove self limiting beliefs, remove perceived ceilings, and get specificity and clarity, around vague ideas or feelings that you have around your work and life in general. Undoubtedly a truly excellent investment and has had a profound effect on many aspects of life.”
- Adam Deane, Financial Planner


“I work as a HR Business Partner for a financial services firm who have engaged the services of Mary at Butterflymango for a number of years. These services have become more formalized over the last 12 months. She has helped me to streamline the companies approach to learning focusing on the desire to improve performance, morale, explore human potential, attract, develop and retain staff. She is helping me to create a learning and questioning culture which drives innovation. The staff can see that the firm is committed to creating a learning culture and also invest in their ongoing professional development. As a result they perform better – its win win. 

Mary has played an active part in the creation of our organizational development strategy. She has helped me to plan and deliver programmes which are designed to improve the overall organisational effectiveness while ensuring alignment between the business strategy and our most important asset – our people. She has developed bespoke training programmes which are designed to achieve high performance goals. She has provided one to one coaching sessions for our sales team, heads of department and executive teams which have yielded not only personal development goals but also tangible business results. She has created coaching workshops for our leaders, run strategy and feedback sessions with our staff to get not only their feedback but also their buy-in. I can’t say enough about how much value this one person has made to our firm. 

On a personal level I have had one to one coaching sessions with Mary. This is the first time I’ve used a business coach. I went through a process of self-discovery and she helped me to learn how to think differently and let go of the negative behaviours which were holding me back. I come out of her coaching sessions feeling light and empowered to plan and achieve my goals. I’ve also received countless feedback from other managers and senior leaders about how valuable they find these one to one session. I would describe Mary’s style as inspiring. She inspires even the most cynical of employees to take ownership of their career and achieve results.  She is engaging, positive, motivating, knowledgeable, passionate, professional, innovative and inspiring.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mary.”
- HR Business Partner