“A positive attitude is a powerful force”


  • Are you a sole entrepreneur, a leader of an organisation or an SME?
  • Has your business grown organically and now lost its way? Are you uncertain about the future vision?
  • Teams are not being as productive and efficient as they need to be? Are you finding people just don’t seem to understand the messages you need to communicate?

  • As the Leader of your organisation, who can you talk to independently and freely about your challenges, both professional and personal?
  • Do you have 'high potential' employees who are worth investing in 1 to 1 specialised coaching to accelerate their business results? 

If you’re agreeing to any of the above then you’ve come to the right place.




Who is Butterflymango?


My name is Mary Barrett and I am the founder of Butterflymango. I am an ABNLP certified International Trainer, Coach and Consultant with over 25 years of experience in coaching individuals, teams and organisations to achieve their goals and dreams.

The best return on investment for your business is to harness my expertise and experience in the following areas: 

  • Helping Senior Executives develop the Vision for their Business and Department
  • Developing Senior Executives in Emotional Intelligence and Communication Skills
  • Motivating Team Leaders in achieving their Business Goals
  • 1 to 1 Coaching for nominated 'High Potentials' to accelerate their Business Results
  • Improving Team or Inter Departmental Communications
  • Inspiring and supporting Entrepreneurs on their Vision, Business Strategy, Focus & Creativity

I am an enthusiastic, passionate and experienced individual who has a proven record of achieving excellent results.


Success Coaching for:

  • Senior Executives
  • Team Leaders
  • High Potentials
  • Entrepreneurs


  • Leadership
  • Mindset
  • Coaching
  • Team Communication

Why work with me?

I am…

  • On your side

    I have over 30years’ experience in working a corporate environment. I understand that team dynamics or your own personal fears and anxieties can stunt performance and efficiency.
  • Fun
    I am passionate about my work. I develop fantastic relationships and bring humour and energy to all of my programmes. I engage the participants with real life storytelling to help them relax and be open and involved and get the most out of our time together.
  • Dynamic

    My ingredients combine cutting edge solutions with results focused delivery, plus a fast, lively pace and superb rapport and connection - it’s a recipe for success!
  • Authentic
    You want real world, sustainability and results. I’ve got the skills, the qualifications and the reality check. I walk the talk and can give you what you want. And if I can’t, I’ll tell you and help you find someone who can.
  • Qualified and experienced
    I have 17 years’ experience working with SMEs, including the Motor Industry, Finance and Banking. I am NLP, including Timeline Therapy, qualified to the highest accreditation by one of the top 30 NLP organisations in the world.

“She really uses and lives the tools we learn in NLP and gives it thought what to do either as it happens or before it happens. So yes, she is INSPIRING!!”

Laureli Blyth, One of the Top 30 NLP Trainers in the World

Happy customers

“Mary has and continues to develop AAM in ways we never thought of... Truly an inspiration to our employees and a guiding light to the board. If you need an objective view and to get the team to focus... look no further.”
– Matthew Dabbs, CEO, AAM Advisory
“Coaching allows me to understand who I am and how I relate to other people it changes my perspectives and allows me to learn how to guide my team. I can talk about the business and the people in the business – it’s insightful and helps me work with them to achieve increased results.”
– BMW Dealer Principal

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